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Name: Ringo (Homepage)

Country: Date: Fri Sep 26 11:56:51 2003
Comment: Dear HKTrap Admin,
Thanks for share those valuable things. Your site is also a good site for us to learn more to prevent for being cheated. Keep on, ^-^Ringo

Name: HKTrap (Homepage)
Country: Hong Kong Date: Thu Sep 25 16:50:13 2003
Comment: Dear site owner,
I found this passage -- 網絡備忘中的<<層壓式推銷的控訴>> -- is useful for my site. I just captured a part of it. The link is http://www.hktrap.com/detail.asp?caseid=6. It shouldn't be any infringement. If you feel it is not alright, pls tell me. I could remove them in my site.

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Sep 19 16:15:53 2003
Comment: Dear Ringo, an interesting website, pls help to put on 網站連結, thanks !

Name: katherine yu (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Sep 11 02:44:15 2003
Comment: 無所謂,時間配合便可

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Aug 19 02:57:09 2003
Comment: Katherine Yu,

Name: katherine yu (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Aug 19 01:45:40 2003
Comment: 想加入幫手做義工

Name: Irene (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Aug 6 17:12:17 2003
Comment: Quentin -- thanks for this valuable info. -- re. yr posted "Coverage on UNV China".

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Aug 5 11:56:37 2003
Comment: From internal mail:
Dear all,

During the most critical period of SARA crisis, one way or the other, you had registered for various volunteer service programs, some of you had made it, and some of you , for different reasons, did not get the chance to offer your help. But it doesn't matter, what is most important is you had showed your most admirable courage and good will to help the needy. Pls refer to the mail below which is forwarded by AVS to acknowledge the SARS volunteers.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Jun 19 11:09:09 2003
Comment: Fat Cat:
Sorry that I have too late to check the email since last week. Would you please to sent the content again because I can't read your email.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Jun 16 11:30:21 2003
Comment: 在網絡小品 - 公車上的人生 一文中,:
[有西裝筆挺的,有SPP的....] , 請問有誰知道 SPP 作何解釋 ?

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat May 31 23:46:42 2003
Comment: Who will go to 端陽暖萬心 on 1/6 ? How is the day ? Can share ?

Name: HKConcerns (Homepage)
Country: Hong Kong Date: Tue May 20 02:34:09 2003
Comment: Please visit our site which discusses new hygiene measures for Hong Kong:

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: HK Date: Fri May 16 02:23:28 2003
Comment: 茄菲:
已加 "Home" 按鈕,希望能給你帶來方便!

Name: 茄菲 (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue May 13 00:20:07 2003
Comment: 如果網頁左邊加多一粒HOME製就方便好多啦!

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Apr 24 01:37:02 2003
Comment: hercules808,kktina810,
Sorry, I wasn't able to establish an SMTP connection. (#4.4.1)
I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Apr 24 00:29:42 2003
Comment: Thanks for all, especially for those who sent info to me.

Name: Irene (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Apr 23 18:47:14 2003
Comment: Ringo -- thanks for the info ... "HKU Email" Web Link (email for all medical staff)
Windaus -- thanks for the "Take Care" Powerpoint
Fat Cat -- (whoever you are or never met before) thanks for yr "Smile for U" web link

God Bless, Irene

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 22 22:32:35 2003
Comment: 又話 [打電話給你就是想說聲"嗨"], 等我等到頸都長埋都未有電話響..

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 22 22:23:28 2003
Comment: Irene,
多謝妳這麼細心及留意每一細節,如果妳能一直繼續找到十個錯處才有獎喎!! 哈哈!

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 22 13:43:05 2003
Comment: ~^^~ ABCD friends (cont'd)
Says nice things about you 跟別人述說你好的那一面
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it 當需要時會告訴你實情
Understands you 懂你
Values you 看重你
Walks beside you 與你同行
X-plain things you don't understand 解你的疑惑
Yells when you won't listen and 在你聽不下時會大吼一下
Zaps you back to reality 把你拉回現實

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 22 13:41:11 2003
Comment: ~^^~ ABDC friends (cont'd)
Just "be" with you 靜靜地在你的身旁
Keeps you close at heart 靠近你的心
Loves you for who you are 因你原來的樣子而愛你
Makes a difference in your life 使你的生活與以往不同
Never judges 不間斷
Offers support 支持你
Picks you up 扶你一把
Quiets your fears 止息你的懼怕
Raises your spirits 鼓舞你的心靈

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 22 13:39:24 2003
Comment: ~^^~ ABCD friends ???
Accepts you as you are 接受原本的你
Believes in "you" 相信你這個人
Calls you just to say "Hi" 打電話給你就是想說聲"嗨"
Doesn't give up on you 從不放棄對你的信心
Envisions the whole of you 預期你總是盡全力
Forgives your mistakes 原諒你的過錯
Gives unconditionally 無條件地過錯
Helps you 幫助你
Invites you over 邀請你

Name: Irene (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 22 12:31:31 2003
Comment: Ringo -- pls. note .. the deadline should be ...
?@?B?~??? 2003 ?N 5 ? 16 ? (instead of 4?25? as posted) ......... tks, Irene

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 20 20:30:01 2003
Comment: Fat Cat,
Appledaily can read daily only, so the link can't be retrived.
Next time you may copy and paste here.

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 20 01:51:48 2003
Comment: 一則感人的新聞 :

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 13 22:49:03 2003
Comment: Fat Cat,
Thanks to give us a warmest during this hard time.

Name: FatCat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 13 15:57:15 2003
Comment: To all volunteers......

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Apr 5 14:24:30 2003
Comment: 文海,多謝?告.如果可以用"~"代替本網的網址,今後大家都方便好多喇.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Apr 4 23:30:30 2003
Comment: Hi Janet,
Which part would u like more ?

Name: Janet (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Apr 4 17:58:48 2003
Comment: The content has been enriched a lot! I like it!
Thx for your hardwork, Ringo!

Name: 文海 (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Mar 29 18:24:30 2003
Comment: 被我發現有網站轉錄了貴網的文章,郤沒有註明是出於貴網,祇是寫著[轉貼自 ~ ""]: 標題如下:

文章標題 : 前線醫生與你談非典型肺炎
編號 : 1048636070
級別 : 普及級別
類別 : 其餘類別 -
作者 : 888 - 轉貼自 ~ ""
所居地 : 香港

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Mar 25 09:27:16 2003
Comment: "verification characters" is want to make sure that the mail is send by manual typing and not by machine and/or auto send out (just something like advertisement or spam messages)

Name: Irene (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Mar 24 15:10:07 2003
Comment: Ringo -- this is just a testing, I'm not sure this "Guest Book" can read "english" text or not.

PS. I am not quite sure what "verification characters" means !!??
tks, IL

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Mar 16 23:40:07 2003
Comment: 再猜下先開估!

Name: Gary (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Mar 14 18:08:27 2003
Comment: For 1: answer is 28.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Mar 11 23:22:27 2003
Comment: 已較正時鐘,現在起所顯示的是香港時間.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Feb 6 16:05:18 2003
Comment: The actual HK time is +7 hour at the time display. Sorry that get some border to us.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Feb 6 16:02:54 2003
Comment: Hi Fat Cat,
Thanks. I know that the time is not HK time. I now finding next guestbook to replace it.
Anyway thanks your response.

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Feb 6 15:31:45 2003
Comment: Pls check the time setting of this message box. It is not match with the actual time.

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Feb 6 15:25:44 2003
Comment: Here are 2 voluntary organizations. You can put on 網站連結 for our sharings :-
** www.stjohn.org.hk
** www.redcross.org.hk

Name: Fat Cat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Feb 6 14:55:20 2003
Comment: Very good !!! This is a good place for all of us to share more about our experience in voluntary service. Hey....u are now doing a voluntary service for us too, hahaha...... Many thanks to Ringo !!!

Can u provide some symbols in here like "smile" or "tongue" ? I think will be more interesting !

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Jan 30 18:39:46 2003
Comment: Janet,
Thanks for your appreciate. Have you join the travel ?

Name: Janet (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Jan 30 16:48:42 2003
Comment: Thank you for making this website a reality. Appreciate your work, Ringo!

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: HongKong Date: Thu Jan 30 12:59:37 2003
Comment: 平兄,多謝支持呀.成績重要,健康更重要.

Name: 阿平 (Homepage)
Country: Hongkong Date: Thu Jan 30 07:09:17 2003
Comment: 個網站做得唔錯,比心機支持落去呀.我而家take緊令一個course,功課好忙,下次再搵你.

Name: Ringo (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Jan 29 12:26:27 2003
Comment: 開張喇...
希望大家比多D意見呀! 好既,唔好既,讚既,彈既,一律歡迎!