Top 10 Best Badminton Players I Women's Singles I 21st Century


Badminton is an extremely popular racquet sport, played all over the world. It is played using a feathered cock, whose speed and direction are largely influenced by the wind if played outside, which is why, at a competitive level, this sport is played indoors. However, since it is very often played as a recreational activity among non-professional player, it is often played outdoors, as well. Badminton requires incredible physical and mental skills, as well as diligence on the athlete’s part to develop such skills. It is not only exceptionally popular among male athletes, but is played with equal fervor by female players as well. Let us take a look at the list of Top 10 Best Women’s Badminton Singles In 21st Century:
1. Tai Tzu Ying – Taiwan
2. Wang Yihan – China
3. Li Xuerui – China
4. Carolina Marín – Spain
5. Zhang Ning – China
6. Chen Yufei – China
7. Ratchanok Intanon -Thailand
8. Nozomi Okuhara – Japan
9. Akane Yamaguchi – Japan
10. PUSARLA V. Sindhu – India


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